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GfK Insight Summit 2019

#bAhead! Integrated insights with GfK tech-enabled data analytics
May 9, 2019 



Integrated insights with GfK tech-enabled data analytics

We at GfK help our clients to grow. Growth from Knowledge is our promise to you.

As digitization is disrupting every industry, entire business models and consumer lifestyles, knowledge is more important than ever!

But the nature of knowledge has changed. Today, knowledge needs to be broad and cohesive, forward looking and prescriptive. Above all: it has to adapt fast so you can continuously be ahead of an ever changing environment.

Based on automated end-to-end platforms and advanced analytics, we at GfK provide you with smarter, richer and more relevant data and insights focused on your key business questions.

Together with representatives from industry and retail, e.g. HUAWEI, Vodafone, Philip Morris & L'Oréal we presented you exciting client cases and current data analytics solutions.

We talked in detail about:

  • Winning with smart data integration
  • How to use data analytics to make better business decisions
  • Bringing retailer-industry partnerships to the next level
  • Data-driven consumer centricity
  • Turning data into knowledge for better trade marketing
  • From vision to reality: GfK’s new analytics suite

Furthermore, Jochen Schweizer held this year’s keynote. He took us on a whirlwind journey through his exciting life, talking from his own experiences as adventurer, entrepreneur and investor.

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Integrated insights with GfK tech-enabled data analytics.