Your business today needs actionable recommendations based on advanced analytics to get ahead, and  stay  ahead,  in  an  ever-more  complex  consumer  world.


With  us,  you  don't  just  get  stand  alone  insights. 



It’s all about data... but not as you know it!

Our world is changing fast. The increasing speed of product innovation, the rise of new channels, and emerging customer needs are all part of business today. That’s why we are transforming ourselves…from a traditional market research company to your trusted partner for prescriptive data analytics.

You get fully integrated intelligence on the Who, What and Why, that shows you where to take action, what actions to take and when.


You also get the confidence of knowing your business intelligence is the best it can be - based on advanced analytics, and using data that we have expertly integrated from across multiple sources to give you the complete picture.

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Know your market
Evidence on what sells, when, where and for how much: the world’s largest POS tracking panel.

Your key business questions:

  • What is being bought, where, and for how much?
  • Which are the most successful products in the market?
  • What is our market share by channel?
  • Which market trends do we need to watch out for?
  • How does the pricing of our products compare to our competitors?
  • Does our distribution strategy fit to the channel trends?

Base your recommendations on product and retail strategy on a reliable data currency. Detect potential for growth, upcoming trends and opportunities and get comparable sales KPIs for your entire product portfolio.

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Understand your consumers
Maximizing success by knowing your consumers better: the world’s biggest brands trust GfK for a true market view.

Your key business questions:

  • Which consumers are buying my products, and which are not?
  • Who represents the best target opportunity?
  • What is the optimum go to market plan for my product?
  • How do customers decide where to buy?
  • What will persuade consumers to buy my brand or product?
  • Which manufacturers or retailers should I be working with?

Understand consumer behavior to know how customers get to point of purchase. Know what your customer looks like and how to target them.
Learn more about how consumer expectations are going to change.

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Optimize your marketing
Maximize the outcome of your marketing spend: delivering brand and communications optimization insights to the world’s leading brands.

Your key business questions:

  • How do I grow my brand?
  • How do I increase sales with my existing budget?
  • How do I allocate spend by channel?
  • How do I allocate my ad spend across media channels to maximise impact?
  • How do I improve my creative before launch?
  • Which ads and campaigns are influencing my brand?

Boost sales through real time scenario planning. Maximize your brand's impact with improved ad and brand spend planning. Move beyond generic attitudes to understand real behavior to determine sales based insights.

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Optimize your sales
Increasing sales by optimizing the complete sales cycle: linking online and in-store price & promotion; optimizing product distribution and assortment.

Your key business questions:

  • What price and promotion activity has affected sales?
  • How can I identify quickly any price erosion in the market?
  • How can I see promotions as they happen?
  • What is the right range, price and promotion for my brand?
  • Where should I be allocating my trade marketing budget?

Identify changes in pricing and promotional activities as it happen. Evaluate and optimize the impact and ROI of your sales activity.

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 Talk to us about how we can help you answer your key business challenges:

  • Know what’s happening in your market,
  • Know what your consumers are doing and why,
  • Know how to optimize your brand management and marketing communications,
  • Know how to optimize your pricing, promotions and distribution to increase sales return