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Household Appliances

42% of 1-2 person households own a dishwasher. Only 34% of those with 4 or more.

It’s an interesting conundrum: the fact that a bigger proportion of small households own a dishwasher than larger families shows how complex consumers’ lifestyles can be when it comes to household appliances. Especially if you’re looking at the global picture. Even if you already have a deep understanding of your target audience, the way consumers live, their needs and aspirations can sometimes get lost in the bigger picture. GfK Consumer Life gives you unique, measurable data, global and regional, about all aspects of consumer’s lives and the way they impact household appliance products. And thanks to GfK’s smart analysis you get not just data, but meaningful market intelligence – immediately and conveniently.

How can it help you?

From increasing urbanization to ageing populations, society is changing. And with it, the need for household appliances as well as the way people use and interact with them. Getting a holistic view of consumer and market trends and understanding target groups and markets for household appliances can be a challenge.

Stay ahead of the trend

The environment and sustainability are uppermost in modern consumers’ minds. As is growing health consciousness. How can these trends inspire your business? How significant is an ageing society or the trend towards digital assistants for your future product development? What opportunities do they present and how can you simplify your consumers’ lives?

To stay ahead of these and other current trends, you need a complete understanding of the consumer trends. GfK Consumer Life’s long-term framework gives you all the information you need to take into account for targeted, structured strategic planning.

See what´s driving consumers

What’s driving potential consumers around the globe and how can you appeal to their hearts and minds with your marketing activities? With the demand for premium products on the increase, who are the purchasers and how do they need to be treated? What are the interests and hobbies of smart home users, how do they use technology and how can you stay ahead of the curve?

GfK Consumer Life can give you a broader understanding of your target group beyond your product category. Its data lets you keep track of potential focus target groups, such as leading-edge consumers or the silver generation to inform your future product development or positioning.

Expand into new markets

With developing economies becoming significant global players, how do consumers in these markets differ from their established counterparts? And how should you address them? What makes Asian or Arabic consumers tick? How are they influenced by European styles of living? How can you target them effectively? What are the common denominators with which you can develop campaigns that will appeal across markets with only limited adaptation?

Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets or you want to compare markets and evaluate the stretch potential of your strategy, with GfK Consumer Life reports you can reliably assess the challenges and opportunities for your expansion thinking and planning.

Consumer Life in real life

Take a look at our case studies to see how other household appliance clients have benefitted from Consumer Life’s data.

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The information you need, the way you want it

Consumer Life puts a wealth of data covering all aspects of household appliances consumers’ lives at your fingertips, all backed up by a dedicated team of researchers and trend analysts. To help you get the most out of it, we offer a range of flexible service levels that you can tailor to meet your day-to-day needs.

Decide for yourself:
• Online access to data pools
• Ready-to-use insight reports
• Custom insight reports
• Customized consultancy

Whichever you choose, Consumer Life gives you a single, robust source of reliable market intelligence that saves you time and gives you the information you need, when you need it.

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