GfK Attribution+
Enhance shopper profiles with behavior-based insights

Attribution+  is the first AI-based tool to tell who your individual customers are and how they shop - also at your competitors. Powerful algorithms translate observed shopping baskets into valuable intelligence - thanks to GfK panel data.

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Discover who your shoppers are and what their true potential is

Valuable customer data such as age, income or household size are often incomplete, inaccurate or missing. On top of that, it's hard to predict what the spending potential of individual customer is. Attribution+ fills these gaps so you can better target customers with high potential.


Make strategic decisions with insights on competition

Imagine to know how much your customers spend at specific competitors. And even better, what categories do they shop there? Attribution+ is the first tool to add this intelligence to your CRM data, allowing you to improve sales of underperforming categories and beat local competitors by smart, targeted campaigns.

Improve collaboration with brands and monetization of retail media

Enriched data will increase your ability to target specific brand campaigns to reduce their stray losses and increase ROI. Improved targeting also means that you can run more campaigns simultaneously while increasing the price per targeted customer.


How it works – from shopping baskets to rich customer profiles


Shopping history per customer

Available shopping history per user (GTIN, price, location, ...) is entered (more baskets = higher accuracy). No need to include any personal info.

Prediction of missing values

Attribution+ is a set of machine learning algorithms. Developed by SO1 and trained on GfK panel data, it infers with high accuracy the attributes for each loyalty ID.

Enriched customer profiles

The output is a rich customer profile with information ranging from socio-demographics to shopping behaviour outside of the retailer's stores.

Gfk Household Panel2

Available Attributes

Age group of household leader
Household size
Household income
Loyalty in store

(% of shopper’s total FMCG spend with you)

Spend at top competitors

Future Attributes

Top categories purchased at competitors
FMCG Shopper Types

(i.e. bargain hunters, stockists, organic buyers)

Brand shopper types

(i.e. producer vs retailer own brands)

Family life cycle

(i.e. young single vs family with teenager)

Nutrition styles

(i.e. fast fooder or gourmet)

Applicable Verticals

The tool is suitable for most grocery and drugstore retailers with some kind of loyalty program in place. It only requires basket data (GTINS assigned to customer IDs).

Grocery Stores

See how Attribution+ can help to grow your business

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In case of interest, contact GfK for details and pricing:

Marc Knuff

Dr. Marc Knuff
Global Retail Director, GfK
T +49 911 395 2410


Dr. Benjamin Brinkhoff
Global Lead of Loyalty Card Data Services, GfK
T +49 40 55615939

  • Easy and quick integration - works out-of-the-box
  • Simple to use and well documented
  • Several A+ packages available – select the one that fits your needs
  • Exclusively available via GfK
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Powered by SO1

The SO1 (Segment of One) Engine is a cutting-edge AI for retail 1:1 personalization and promotion targeting. It has been developed by some of the brightest AI and machine learning minds in the industry together with universities such as MIT, Chicago Booth, ETH Zurich and Humboldt Berlin.

The SO1 Engine is already implemented and successfully tested with some of the leading global retailers with results outperforming any other solution on the market. Learn more about this technology and how it can help you.

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What's next – Targeted Segments

While Attribution+ is a valuable tool to make you understand who to target by enriching your CRM data, you might also want to know what exactly to offer to these customers to make them buy.

For this purpose, we are building our next innovation: “Targeted Segments” - a product that ranks promotion and content campaigns for selected segments of consumers to achieve your business goal - whether drive-to-store or increase in basket size. Utilizing insights derived from the GfK household panel, it will work out of the box, without requiring user IDs or integration.