Go beyond PoS data: Get inside the mind of your consumer

See how understanding your customer’s purchasing behaviors and decision-making can drive your sales.


Win at every stage of the purchase journey

With our advanced analytics platform, you can increase your return on investment across marketing, sales, product and category management, by:

Understanding who your customers are.

Stimulating demand with your messaging.

Optimizing visibility with your marketing channel mix.

Becoming the chosen brand in your market.

Providing the optimal customer product experience.

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Answer your key business questions

Empowering marketing, sales, product and category management business functions to answer your key questions with actionable insights


What triggers the realization of a need to purchase?

What channels do consumers use when researching products?

What are the most important attributes for consumers when deciding to purchase?

What do purchasers think and say about a product?


With Consumer Journey intelligence, from GfK

The Consumer Journey module is the first and only solution for manufacturers and retailers in the technology and consumer durables industries to combine the most comprehensive collection of point of sales data with:

Quarterly conducted 12 minute mobile-first survey data

Online consumer behavior data

AI-enabled consumer review data

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See for yourself how on-demand access to consumer insights can impact your business

Powered by the Consumer Insights Engine



Instant access to always on, up-to-date insights means clients can distribute insights into the relevant business units quicker so the business can take action.


All data sources integrated in one platform meaning there is no need for multiple data and insights suppliers.

True Market View

Consumer insights derived from data that is calibrated to GfK POS data allowing clients one true market view for the first time. From what was purchased and where to who purchased it and why at brand level.

Smarter businesses use data and analytis across to make better decisions

A recent report shows 87% of marketers rely on data to do their jobs well . However, consider these findings from that same study:

Say their analytics tools are too hard to use and don’t provide information in an easy-to-understand format.

Want to widen the reach of the analytics tools to more people in their organizations.

Believe the existing analytics framework is too slow in processing Big Data.

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Access the Consumer Insights Engine Demo

See for yourself how on-demand access to consumer insights can impact your business